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"Georg (my father) is busy giving Bible lessons to interested people via skype. Our group meets twice a week for a prayer community, once for a Bible study and once for a study on Sabbath - all via skype, because we are very spread all over Germany. For the Feast of Tabernacles we gather here in Quitzow with about 30 people, we will also have 2 baptisms. Our printing press is busy, we print books and flyers for Germany and Austria. At the moment the Covid restrictions are still very manageable, we are very grateful for that!" - Franzi our presence on the web for German speakers. Georg is a long time Father-Son believer since the 90s, and it is his area where Jutta our main translator also lives and where the printer is housed. Of all the languages, German has the most books, and we rejoice to see how much they love to read. Franzi, who wrote the above message, also translates, also mentioned that her father built the large tabernacle in the photos above where they always meet for celebrations.


Pastor Pavle Stojanovic has kept busy during the covid season translating and writing material, visiting members, and sharing the message to non-Adventists. He does lots of door to door work, trying to draw people into discussions about the Character of God. It isn't easy to reach the conservative Orthodox Serbs, who are proud of their religion and stick to their traditions. But some are seeking. He has tried to unite the three strands of our thinking – Father-Son (of which there are many in Serbia, but often very rigid in their perspective regarding other doctrines), Feasts (very few in Serbia), and Character of God. The two main groups he visits are in the cities of Smederevo and Pirot.

Pastor Pavle has a blog - - that he shares his translations and original writings on. He also has a "peshcanik" (which means hourglass in Serbian) facebook and instagram, through which he gets traffic to his blog. Anybody that likes a post, he will direct message and thank them and ask if they have any questions, to start a personal correspondence. He plans to start filming soon, which he had started but had to postpone due to illness. Please pray for his work!

Pastor Borislav Subotin, a longtime Father-Son whom we have known for many years, continues his work also. "Work is big but I believe it will be more bigger," he says - echoing a belief we all have that the message given to us will sooner, rather than later, lighten the earth with its glory. One development Boris shared is that there is an Adventist Church in a village, about 100km from him, that is in a private home. "Owner of this house was an elder in church and his wife also is adventist but they reject trinity doctrine. They found me and we start to study more together in about 3 and a half years ago. Church was empty but now God slowly filling up this place. I lot of work I have there and new friends and we have 10 little kids also. I will start to work with bigger group of gypsies also and with them I already have good experiences..." Below are some photos of his daughters, which are going to school now,home_church_boris and a baptism of a man named Miroslav.


Ruben had a chance to visit Pastor Jason Libato and support him on the island of Negros Oriental. This was around Christmas prior to Covid, and it was a huge ordeal to travel during the holiday season there!

During Covid, the situation in the Phillipines has been really bad with people struggling and travel even in between villages limited. Pastor Jason has been focusing on the Identity Message, which he had some time to preach on zoom and to the youth.


Alex in Arkhangelsk, Russia, has been trying many different ways of spreading the gospel. His nephew, Mikhail is a musician. They have had many troubles over the years regarding differences in doctrine. But the message of no condemnation and forgiveness is bringing healing. They have been doing more community outreach, and through music, they are able to share alot of material (For example, Mikhail and his friend singing Russian folk music here. A friend of theirs, Slava, is a sound engineer, and they are using his studio to do audiobooks.

Below is a message from Alex:
"Shalom to all, beloved! For many years we hardly had any contact with Adventists from our city. This wall has grown between us not only because of theological issues; when my nephew Michael came to believe in his only begotten Son, this led to the severance of all relations with his Adventist relatives, who for 10 years have forbidden him to meet with his children and take part in the upbringing of two daughters. This very painful situation, of course, engendered a spirit of condemnation in our hearts. But thank God! - He removes hardness from the heart, because the message of mercy is working, and the clear image of the Father who does not condemn opens up amazing opportunities for healing relationships.

Last week, the leader of the choir from the Adventist community, Lyudmila, informed me that one of the community's elders, Valentina, had passed away, she was 81 years old. She was the soul of the community - in the early 90s, young people gathered in her small apartment, and her sincere and childish faith drew her two sons to accept Jesus as Savior.

Last Shabbat I was able to meet with Valentina's son, my friend Konstantin, who came to the mother's funeral from St. Petersburg. And also with two sisters from the community - Lyudmila and Irina. The Lord has blessed and helped us to share with each other the pain of loss. We also realized that nothing prevents us from continuing to communicate. Seeing Irina off on Shabbat (she teaches solfeggio to children), I presented her with the brochure "Natural Justice", and Irina invited me and her daughter to her music class. We met with Lyudmila again today, and I watched with excitement her reaction to an excerpt from the book “Identity Wars” - the place where it is said about motherly love, that is, that there is one source of love that a mother takes in her heart...

South Africa

Tommy in Johannesburg, who translates into 3 languages (11 national languages in South Africa), wrote this: "Work is going alright, Father continues to be kind towards us and we are immensely grateful to be able to serve in the capacity we are called upon. I am currently engaged in Chauffeuring services driving with Uber/Bolt and in the running to and fro, in the hustle and bustle happening in the business hub of Johannesburg, this has afforded me an opportunity to meet with many others of God’s children, and to comfort others with the same comfort we ourselves are cormforted with. Everywhere we turn everyone is now ready to listen. From Sharing books and booklets with some, to playing audio sermons in the car while doing trips, the harvest is nearly ripe. It is also my prayer that the work begun in my heart be carried out completely, help pray with us." Tommy would like to go back to his homeland in Zimbabwe, so please pray for him. We also want to bless his marriage and his newborn baby Daniel.

Our dear brother Bukhosi just finished a health seminar. You can see in the photos healthy cooking, and Bukhosi's wife teaching about arthritis. They are also building a new church building. A Sunday church pastor came into the truth and he has also been working there with his team.


Praise God for the work moving forward in Thailand. Really happy to finally have Identity Wars done in Thai. We have multiple translators and editors in the language, so we are fairly certain that the books are of high quality. There have been good reports on the translation of Faith Journey. We have started a Fatheroflove-thailand instagram, tiktok, facebook page, etc. This has really helped bring more traffic to the website, with the hope that people will download the books.

Thanee, one of our main editors in Thailand, also made care packages to give to everyone in the Adventist Hospital in Bangkok, and in the surrounding area, which included our books (Faith Journey and Divine Pattern of Life). Because they are not openly hostile to the church or the Trinity, most people read them and are ok with them - including the pastors. Praise God for their openness and kindness.


Myanmar right now is in a difficult place. They have had a terrible Covid outbreak. The military govt has ended its 12 years of flirting with a parliamentary government, and once again Myanmar is run by authoritarian regime. The non-Burmese ethnic groups are unhappy and many believe civil war is coming. Because of this, it is very hard to send money into Myanmar, especially into the minority outer regions like Karen State and Chin State.

We are doing translations into two languages in Myanmar right now, Burmese and Chin. We have an article on one translator's fleeing to India as a refugee here: 'Refugee from Myanmar to India' Regardless of the difficulties, the message is going out well in these two languages. Actually to be more accurate, Chin are an ethnic group that have around 7 main languages. The one that we have is Mizo, like Mizoram, the region in India right over the border from Chin State in Myanmar. In Mizo, Sanga has been translating and sharing alot. But we would like to make the Chin website more inclusive, and recently we have got some articles from, Kevin Mullins' website, in Tedim Chin, another Chin language. Soon we may have others. Below are some photos of Sanga's class, which has temporarily moved under his house as the government has not allowed schools to open. Sanga works at an Adventist school. Danny video called to talk to his students in English.

In Burmese, we have also got a good number of books. Because the theology level in Burmese is not as high, we are happy to see 'Children's Guide to Understanding the Character of God' and Loving Wrath of God done. Both have a lot of images and we hope they will appeal to people.