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Pastor Pavle Stojanovic was dismissed from his ministry last year because of his convictions regarding the one true God, the Father, and His Son in truth, Jesus Christ. Many other joined him in formaing a Citizens' Association called "Procvat Zdravlja" (Blooming Health) featuring an attractive apple and Bible logo design which displays on their T-shirts and Health Fair booth. Together with a doctor and nurse, their team visits surrounding villages and towns within an 80km radius, checking blood pressures, blood sugars, educating, and distributing thousands of books, and other Spirit of Prophecy literature, and tens of thousands of tracts which they write and print themselves. Pavle is planning a trip soon to Slovenia where other groups are forming and have requested literature and teaching.

Borislav Subotin and his wife Karolina opened their apartment home to the flock of Father and Son believers in Zrenjanin, Serbia. We were delighted to meet him and see all the books he has translated and printed. Boris is very active, despite his hemophelia which limits his walking, yet he climbs several flights of stairs to reach his apartment with a smile on his face! Bible studies, baptisms, church meetings, visitations, camp meetings...he is constantly working, and sustained by prayer and blessings from our supporters.


Jason Libato graduated from Adventist Seminary in the Philippines as a pastor of theology in 2013 and became the district pastor for 16 neighboring churches in the central Philippine area of Tanjay City. He has 100 baptisms a year. But the church did not have enough funds to support him. Then he discovered Identity Wars and other books by Adrian Ebens. He began translating them into Tagalog, the local dialect. Dedicated workers like Jason are sharing the gospel message!

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