Version 1.3 released 19 March 2019             DOWNLOAD
New Features in bold

• Click BIBLE button
• Single chapter Biblical books open with single click from Library Listing
• Keyboard entry of chapter number (empty entry for chapter 1)
• Scriptures displayed in 10 verse blocks
• PageDown / PageUp keys for navigation
Interlinear Hebrew and Greek text with parallel transliteration, English and Strong's numbers
   Hebrew/Greek/Strong's numbers all searchable


• Click and drag to select a word, phrase or block of text then click on one of the four colors
• Click ERASE button to clear all highlighting for the current paragraph or 10 verse Scripture page
• Highlighting and notes are stored in index files do not affect the Original Text Files
• Separate highlighting and notes are maintained for both KJV and Strongs KJV displays.
User-defined highlighting/note Themes on various subjects


• Search entire bible for word/phrase
• Search results displayed with count and time required to list all findings.
• The first search finding will be displayed with the search word/phrase highlighted
• Press Up and Down arrow keys to navigate search results or click on a line in the HITS window
• Toggle between HITS and NOTE as desired

• Hebrew and Greek Dictionary entries from James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of 1890
• Strong’s numbers for each word/phrase are displayed above the Hebrew/Greek words in the Interlinear mode.
   Click on a Strong's number to display its definition in Interlinear mode.
• Strong's numbers are displayed after each word in Strong's mode. • Double-click on a Strong’s number in Strongs mode and the word and pronunciation (in red type), and definition will appear on screen.
• Clcik the Strongs button to toggle between plain KJV and Strongs KJV displays.
Clcik the Linear button to toggle between plain KJV and Interlinear displays.
Clcik the HEBREW or GREEK button to toggle between Interlinear and plain Hebrew/Greek displays.


• Click SOP button
• All Sources identified by two-letter abbreviations
• Select individual book/journal to read/search separately
• Select All SOP Content to search entire collection
• Select Letters Scripts to search only the 2015 released documents
• Books and Journals open in continuous scrolling mode for reading
• To highlight text or add a note, click the EDIT button to enter paragraph edit mode


• Click NOTE button to add a note to the current paragraph or 10 verse Scripture page
• Enter note text in the blue colored note panel
• Save note entries or corrections by clicking back into the main text viewing window
• A “Saved” message will appear in the right side-bar to confirm the note is saved
• Delete a note by removing all text from the note panel and clicking the main text window
Enter ">" as the first character of a line tosave the currently displayed section of an interlinear chapter.
After saving the Interlinear note, click on the line and the interlinear text will autoscroll to that position.


• Enter the letters BM followed by a word/phrase (without spaces) to identify a new or established bookmark subject.
• Index of all Bookmark subjects is listed in a side-bar displayed by clicking the INDEX button
• Click on a Bookmark subject in the Index to display all bookmarks for that subject
• Click on the red subject line at the top of the index to re-display the Index listing
• Click on the INDEX button to hide the index side-panel

• JPG image files may be displayed for a selected paragraph or Scripture page
• Store a JPG image you wish to display in the /image folder
• Enter the letters Img followed immediately by a word/phrase (without spaces) that is the name of the JPG file. For example, the file “DAtitle.jpg” in the /image folder may be displayed by entering ImgDAtitle in the note for the paragraph where you wish this image to be displayed.
• Double-click on the description text following the ImgTitle (which will appear in red) to display the image on screen
• Click the RETURN button in the right side-bar to return to text and note viewing
• Display consecutive images by saving them in the image folder with a common name, each ending with “-1” through “-9” or whatever the last number will be. Then enter ImgName1-99 in the note. Launch the first image by double-clicking as usual, then use the Right-arrow key to advance through the slides.


• Click the Setup button to adjust the font sizes for the main viewing window and the notes panel.
• Press Enter to save changes or Esc to exist without saving
• These font sizes are displayed immediately and will be saved when the app is closed.
• App position and size on the screen is also saved on app closure and restored when opening.
• User highlighting, notes, bookmarks can be individualized by creating a copy of the \index folder and renaming it. Then enter the new name in settings and press Enter to save. This may be useful for saving different editions of notes/highlighting specific for different topics/themes.
Change the current Theme name (MyNotes is the default) to RENAME or ADD a new Theme
• Themes may be created for specific subjects/topics such as Prophecy, Creation, Godhead, Judgment, etc.
   Highlights and Notes are saved separately for each individual Theme.

• Oats does not require any installation program, does not use the Windows registry, may be copied and saved in any folder on any Windows 7-10 PC, is free and may be freely distributed.
• Save the following files in any folder: Oats.exe, KJV.oat, SOP.oat, LtMs.oat, SOP.ini, Help.rtf
• Save the two folders and their contents in the same folder: /image and /index
• Do not alter any of the .oat files


Download version 1.3 New Install 60 MB       

/image       (folder for your .jpg images)
/index       (folder for the original index files)
/MyNotes     (folder for default Theme)
Oats.exe     Oats application file
Oats.oat     Help file
KJV.oat      King James Version of the Bible
KJS.oat      King James Version of the Bible with Strongs numbers
Linear.oat   Interlinear Hebrew and Greek texts
LtMs.oat     Letters and Manuscripts file
SOP.oat      Books and Periodicals file
SOP.ini      App settings file
StrongG.oat  Strongs Greek Dictionary
StrongH.oat  Strongs Hebrew Dictionary

Quick Start

Oats is launched by double-clicking on the Oats.exe file. You may create a desktop icon, or once launched pin the app to your taskbar for quick access.

Oats initially starts with the KJV Bible menu displayed. Old and New testament books are color coded.
Click on the directed book and then enter the chapter number and press Enter. Obadiah in the Old Testament and 2John, 3John, Jude in the New Testament have only 1 chapter and will open with simply a single click.

Bible chapters are displayed 10 verses to a page. This helps to visually structure the text to help in remembering the position of verses in Scripture. Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move through chapters and books.

Spirit of Prophecy menu displays all books and periodicals as two-letter abbreviations.
Hover with the mouse pointer over a button and a tooltip will display the full name of the document.
Searches can be performed for a single book/periodical, all SOP content, or just Letters and Manuscripts.

How-To Add your own Notes/Comments

When displaying a page of scripture or a SOP paragraph where you want to add a note, click the NOTE button and a blue Note panel will appear.
You may then enter the text you wish to appear when this page/paragraph is displayed.
When you finish, simply click in the main text area above the note panel and a “Saved” message will appear in the right side-bar. You may confirm that the note was saved, by pressing Page Down and then Page up.

Search for a word, phrase, Bible Text or SOP Reference

Enter your word, phrase or reference in the text box at the top right corner of the Oats app and press Enter. Search findings will be displayed in blue text at the bottom of the app window, a count of all findings and the time it took to retrieve them will be displayed at the top of the right side-bar.

The first finding will be displayed in the main text window and the search word/phrase will be highlighted.
Findings may be navigated by pressing the Up-arrow and Down-arrow keys or scrolling to and clicking on a selection. While reviewing search findings, you may highlight text and add notes. To return to the search findings list, click the HITS button.

Bible searches will always search the entire bible.
SOP searches may be limited to a single book/periodical, Letters & Scripts, or All SOP Content.
There are 3,667 10-verse pages in the KJV Bible text
There are 307,271 paragraphs in the SOP collection
In order to improve the search speed, the SOP collection is divided into two source files.

Add your own Images

You can display your own .jpg images by including an “Img” entry in a note on any Scripture page or SOP paragraph. Oats comes with a few sample JPG files for you to use and get started. Let’s add a single image and then a slide show. Click on KJV to display the Bible book menu. Click on Daniel, type 12 and press Enter. Press the Page Down key. You may wish to highlight the words in verse 11, “a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” Then click on the NOTE button and enter the following text:

Img1290-1 508-1798 AD or whatever description you wish

Now click on the main text window above the note panel. Now press Page Down and then Page Up to refresh the note panel and your entry will be displayed in red. Test your entry by double-clicking anywhere on the line.

Slide Show
Since this is the first of three JPG image files with the same name (1290-1, 1290-2, 1290-3) we can make these three images act as a slide show by changing our note to this:

Img12901-3 …a description of the slides

Double-click on this entry and the first image (1290-1) will display as before, but now you can press the Right-arrow key to display the next two images in sequence. Left-arrow key will back up a slide. A final press of the Right-arrow key at the end of your list will return to your text and note.

These features are always available for reference in the help file by pressing the HELP button.