One God One Body

I was recently informed of a new website for the one true God/Father-Son movement. It’s 1God1Body.com and invites those who share a love for this truth and are meeting on the Sabbath to register so they can appear on a world map where others interested in locating a home church or fellowship can find them. What a valuable service and aid to the growing community of Father-Son believers! We can at last find unity in two simple well-defined Biblical truths that all can embrace and share. How exciting!

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” John 10:30
Then he prayed, “That they may be one as Thou, Father, in me” John 17:21
There have been moments in history when, for some, this prayer appeared to be answered.
The early apostolic church was “of one accord” when the day of Pentecost was fully come.
The prophetic clock marked the time for the Father’s fulfillment and Jesus dispensed his Spirit.
Over three thousand were united that day in the conviction that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the only begotten Son of God, risen from the dead, ascended to heaven, and seated at the right hand of God the Father to shed forth His Spirit.

But division soon marred their solidarity. Some followed Apollos, some followed Paul. There was the party of the circumcision, and the synagogue of Satan. The Nicolaitans drew some away (Rev 2:15), but worst of all, that woman Jezebel caused many to join her in spiritual fornication, worshiping a false god and idols. Rev 2:20.

Yet, there always remained a remnant of the woman’s seed, often hiding from the dragon’s wrath. Were they of one body? Were they united in the faith once delivered to the saints? Considerable historical evidence reveals they rejected the mystery god of Babylon and Rome’s Day of the sun. They were known by many names in many places: The Way, Nazarenes, Paulicians, Bogamils, Cathars, Abigenses, Waldenses, Passaginians, Ostragoths, Vandals, Heruli. And then the earth opened her mouth and gave the remnant refuge in a new world.

Meanwhile, the remnant heeded the call to come out of her, out of “Mystery, Babylon, Mother of harlots.” There was a great reformation and protestation. Numerous leaders gathered various followings: Lutherans, Calvinists, Methodists, Baptists, Anabaptists, Quakers, Mennonites, Amish--each with their own creed and list of beliefs. But some just called themselves Christians. These longed for a simple return to the Bible, choosing no creed but the Word of God.

Then the world was again galvanized by the fulfillment of prophecy. The end of the 2300 days had full come and again the Spirit was poured out as the Word of God was studied and searched for hidden truth. The Great Advent Awakening became the Great Advent Movement and once again, at least within this small but growing number, there was for over 50 years “great anonimity” in their Fundamental Principles, truth about God, His Son, His Spirit, His Creation, His Sanctuary, His Law, His Sabbath, His Sacrifice, His Atonement, His Judgment, His Second Coming, His Everlasting Covenant and Character of love.

And once again the platform of eternal truth was criticized and condemned as flawed. The pioneers were branded as heretics; the fundamental principles were replaced with new beliefs; our religion was changed. Now we were accepted into the “sisterhood of churches” and extended the “right hand of fellowship,” no longer branded as an unchristian cult, we were now recognized as merely “separated brethren” by the Mother Church.

Yet again a remnant of the remnant awoke, trimmed their lamps, their Bibles, and discovered all over again the great gems of truth centered on the one true God and His true Son, who “divested of the personality of humanity” now reigns in our hearts, the Spirit of the Father’s Son, crying Abba, Father! Once again there is great anonymity among those who confess that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of the living God—at least on this one vital, foundational truth. 1God1Body1Truth. So, I wait to hear if my application for registration will be accepted. Why shouldn’t it be?

Alas, division and differences still prevail even among those united in their staunch belief in the One True God. Some have discovered the statutes and holy convocations “besides the Sabbaths of the Lord” while others condemn such recognition as “an insult to Jehovah.” Some still cling to the dispensational position of the 1888 opposition in nailing the old covenant with its feasts and holy days (except for the Seventh-day Sabbath of course) to the cross when the new covenant is said to have begun, while others accept the everlasting covenant that continues to parallel the old covenant legalism that is still very much alive today! Some rejoice in the last message of mercy to be given to the world, a revelation of God’s character of love who is reluctantly withdraws His protection from those who reject Him, while others are alarmed at such teaching as spiritualism, an alarming disregard for the sovereignty of God, and His right to personally execute judgment and justice on sin and sinners.

Yet, even this is only the beginning. Division and factions multiply with abandon! Feasters are divided over barley and equinox; Sabbatarians are split over a fixed every seventh day observance or constantly changing lunar Sabbaths. Then there are the 2520 proponents, the time setters, those condemning and those championing original sin, the pre-Lapsarian (before the fall) versus the post-Lapsarian (after the fall) nature of Christ: is He our Example or merely Substitute? Meat-eaters or vegetarians or vegans?

For 400 years advice on all these divisive issues has been expressed with the following words:
“In Essentials: Unity; in Non-essentials: Liberty; in All things: Charity.” Good advice but we are still faced with having to decide what things are essential and what are not! What is the most essential? Ah, this is exactly what Jesus wanted to know. What is the Rock, the foundational truth upon which He would build His church? “Whom do you say that I am?” His Father in heaven revealed the answer: the Son of the living God. John wrote his gospel “that you might know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” and then added, “the Son of the Father in truth!”

Let this grand truth be the Essential upon which we can all stand unified.

Grace and peace be unto you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Father in truth and love. 2 John 3

Gary Hullquist