September 25 to October 3, eight days in the latter rain, drenched along with South Carolina who is even now a week later still under water. The small but joyful few who gathered at Talking Rock this year were greatly blessed. New speakers broadened our appreciation for the Word and His World. Familiar faces, too, renewed our faith in the Only Begotten of the Father.

This was our theme, our focus, and what a joy to experience the many facets of that great subject: The Word Made Flesh and Manifest in Our Mortal Flesh. Lem Ramirez from Colorado inspired us with his careful, methodical, word-by-word study of John 1:14 concluding his four presentations with a personal testimony of his experience and growth in Jesus. Wayne Wright continued pointing us to Jesus, Yashuah, the True Israelite, the Light Bearer, and the Life Giver.

Dr. Calvin Dence from Clifton, Tennessee, captivated us with many stories from his personal work among the jungles and rivers of South America, healing and treating a vast array of diseases, injuries, and health problems. His walking lecture around our campus tasting and sampling the many herbs, berries, leaves and flowers made a lasting impression in not only our memories but our taste buds as well!

Sharyn Petryczanko, Laura Wright, and Carolyn Hullquist shared their knowledge of Live Foods with us, showing us how to make quick, easy, amazing meals and smoothies. More goodies for our taste buds!

Then it was Family Day and off to Fort Mountain State Park where we enjoyed paddle boat and kayak adventures on the lake under clear skies and sunshine! Then it was off to Putt-Putt for all the kids at heart. What a blessing in the midst of all that rain.

Lynnford Beachy, Jim and Jerri Raymond joined us for the last half of the week. And the blessings just continued flowing. Ever on target, more about Jesus we would know! More of His life to other show.

The young people wanted to learn more about prophecy and what the visit of pope Francis meant. Every day something is happening that points to the return of Jesus. How exciting to be living at this time!

Mitisse Bennett, Obert and Corie Merchant provided inspiring music and the Camp Meeting Choir finished with a scriptural anthem from Acts 24:14-16.

Many have wondered why our camp meeting attendance was so much less than previously. Perhaps it was all the rain. At one point we had all the RV hookups taken, but then the cancellations started coming in. Perhaps it was all the other camp meetings occuring about the same time: Ocala Florida, Roan Mountain Tennessee, Ashville North Carolina. We rejoice that there are so many more venues for people to attend locally. May this continue to grow and spread!

We have decided to choose a different time, one just after school is out, like we did in 2013. June 7 - 12 (Tuesday to Sunday) this coming year seem right to us. Green and pretty, but not terribly hot as it will become toward July. We hope to avoid the Spring and Fall (hurricane season) rains this way. Let us know how this will appeal to you.

Grace and peace be unto you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Father in truth and love. 2 John 3

Gary Hullquist